Gateway Edition

Your gateway to VoIP

Are you looking for an easy way to get your business onto VOIP? You can connect your existing analogue PBX to VOIP when you use it in conjunction with our EXS7 Gateway PBX. The Gateway PBX can channel your calls via VOIP so your business can start to take advantage of some big call savings.

Easy change over

There’s no need to change any of your IP PBX settings, so you can retain all your current PBX settings but with the added benefit of low cost VOIP calls.

Our EXS7 Gateway Edition provides a simple and easy way for businesses to use their existing IP PBX on a VOIP service.

Gateway Edition features include:

  • intuitive user interface
  • real-time monitoring via interface
  • remote monitoring
  • instant access to call records
  • system backup and rollback
  • phone and email support
  • engineered for use with mVoice’s business grade VOIP service
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