About us

EXS7 is the IP PBX product of mVoice Pty Ltd

Since 2004, mVoice has been supplying SME businesses with high quality IP services.

We deployed our first onsite IP PBX in 2005 and shortly thereafter commenced the process of development of EXS7.

Today EXS7 is much more than a PBX system. EXS7 allows mVoice to provide customers with a true 360° PBX solution where call termination / origination services, DSL service, PBX configuration / management, and user support are all supplied, supported and monitored by a single vendor.

Why mVoice is not your ordinary provider

  • Premium call quality, exceptional service uptime and stability.
  • Providing a technical support service dedicated to resolving business support issues.
  • In-house development of high quality feature rich telephony software applications.

Contact mVoice

To contact mVoice please visit www.mvoice.com.au

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