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EXS7 – TOWER (24 month connection) POA From $1,294 From $2,204
EXS7 – RACK (24 month connection)    POA From $1,814 From $2,724
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System Stability and Security Features
Automatic System Backup
Roll Back and Restore
Fallover Detection and Takeover    
Secure Firewall
Automatic Suspension of Account    
Secure Password Generation  
System Monitoring
Resource Usage Graphs
System Alerts via Email
Call Logs
Remote System Monitoring
Management of Sound and Music Files
IVR Recordings  
Music On Hold  
Mobile Phone Integration
Boomerang Calls    
Remote Recording    
Shared Presence and Messaging on your Mobile    
Away from the Office
Smart Voicemail    
Call Forwarding  
IVR and Auto Attendant Features
Call Queue  
Multi-Department/Multi-Brand Receptionist    
Branch Office Support    
Simultaneous Ring  
Call Pickup  
Call Hunt  
Auto Attendant with Interactive Voice Response  
Extension Status  
Business Hours / After Hours Switching  
Call Management Features
Call Waiting  
Call Hold  
Call Transfer  
Three-way Conferencing  
Phone Book Integration  
Call Screening Features
Inbound Caller ID  
Do Not Disturb  
Distinctive Ringing